You need to get tidy

If you can’t keep yourself and your environment pristine and ordered, how can you expect the same of your workflow, your business and your finances?

Whenever my workspace is a pile of crap, I sense the frustration even if subconsciously; I subtly lack respect for myself, and I wonder why I am sluggish and distracted in other areas of my life.

When I started to enjoy being meticulous with the small details in my life, everything else improved too. This is ESPECIALLY important for those of us who work for ourselves.

Ain’t nobody coming to tell you to tidy up. A cleaner helps but it is not a replacement.

Yes, some untidy people succeeded. But it was despite the untidiness. I don’t care what Einstein said about his desk. He was extremely unique and had a weirdly long tongue.

If you want a change, it starts with making your bed 😄

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