I’m tired of mediocre.

I’m tired of ‘ok.’

I’m tired of spreading myself thin.

I’m tired of a lack of ‘traction.’

I’m tired of nice.

I want my craft to make people blush.

I was never attracted to average. None of us are.

But we keep allowing ourselves to be.

We all want more. We always wanted more.

We just never understood what true mastery expected of us.

But I’ve been increasingly thinking about it.

My inner animal can’t take mediocre any more.

I want to knock a dent into humanity that reverberates over centuries.

There, I said it.

I’m done being satisfied with grey dot status in a sea of grey dots.

I want to infuse red hot colour into what I do, and I want the people who matter to inhale the glow of that dot and be nourished by it.

The reason I get my laptop and pencil out every day is that there exists a shimmer of the idea of mastery…

…But it’s never been clear – it’s always just been a word – something others were doing.

DaVinci? Jobs? Picasso?

Not me, surely.

But I’ve decided.

I’m tired of mediocre, and I’m done with ‘good.’

I’m ready to be a master now – to join the path.

It’s time to draw a line in the dust.

To be ruthless with my focus. More so than ever before.

To just decide on that one thing. Not those things. Not many things.

One. Thing.

A life devoted to it.

What will it be? Half in, and mediocre? Not bad? Good?

Or all in, and paradigm-shifting?

You know it’s time.

It’s just a matter of choosing to walk that cliff edge path.

To deep dive into that thing you know you must do with energy.

It is waiting. It is there.

Not simply to ‘do your best.’


Let’s take it to new levels.

Let’s do it the best it can be done.

The best it can be done.

Over the top? Unreasonable? Frightening? Absolutely.

If it scares you, now we’re talking.

Are you willing to do that which so few do?

It will take courage, but the results will come.

Why would I know this? Because I’ve had flashes of it, and you have too.

I know when I create work I was meant to do. I feel it in my soul.

What about you?

Let’s settle for nothing other than extraordinary.

Extraordinary productivity, and extraordinary rewards.

This starts with that one thing.

What one thing will you bleed every single day no matter what?

What is that thing that you will pour love and pain into consistently?

It’s never obvious, and there is no ‘right’ way. But a decision made, is.

That’s where you start.

Will you join me?

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  1. Really enjoy your writing Alex! I agree with you 100%. I believe fighting mediocrity is the fight of our lives. Happy to always read about someone else that’s not ‘ok’ with living a gray life.

    Thanks for creating.


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