Stroll with Alex

Daily audios from illustrator, writer, and coach Alex Mathers on insights around creativity, business growth, confidence, motivation, and self-development.

Gaining and losing ONE MILLION DOLLARS in one year (with Cryptos)

I tell the story of my crypto-currency investing in 2016/2017 – where I got the money, why I invested in cryptos, and how I gained and lost the million bucks! Lessons learned, but at least I came away with more than I invested initially. Let me know if you want more ideas and videos on […]

5 myths (busted) about running a one to one COACHING business

This is what you need to know about being a successful coach. Myths are out there and they are often false. Myth 1: You need to be an expert. Myth 2: You will be tied down to one location. Myth 3: Coaching is a big, juicy scam. Myth 4: Coaching is low-paid. Myth 5: It […]

From world-renowned illustrator to a coach (decade working for myself)

Another video podcast, featuring a lot of footage of Tbilisi, in Georgia. Timeline: 1984: Born 1998 – 2003: Boarding school in England 2003 – 2006: Studied Geography 2007-2009: Real estate masters course 2008 – 2009: Work as property magazine researcher in London 2006 onwards: added illustrations to 2009 onwards: started work as freelance illustrator […]

Why every man must be building something tangible to be happy

Why men need to be working on building something tangible, be it a blog, collection of films, a house, a farm, a successful family of his own blood, a book or a set of teachings to pass on. Listen to hear more, and do let me know everything you like and dislike about this format […]

3 steps to quickly lift yourself out of your malaise

If you feel low, sense of malaise, depressed, and you’ve tried the low-hanging fruit solutions, this is how to turn things around quickly. Let me know what you think of this format! If you lack direction and focus each day, try out my planner book: ‘Book of Lift’ — Follow me on Twitter: @iamalexmathers […]

Two IDEAS that helped get the most results in my business

For those of you running your own business or a startup, these two ideas or philosophies (ACTED upon) will help tremendously, as they helped me in my illustration/design business and my coaching businesses. If you lack direction and focus each day, try out my planner book: ‘Book of Lift’ — Follow me on Twitter: […]

Circles of Aliveness

Today the matter of discussion is a diagram I draw to help me prioritize and identify the activities that are worth spending my time on. Those are the things that bring me most of a sense of aliveness. That is key. Alex shows you how. If you lack direction and focus each day, try out […]

If you feel like you lack purpose or meaning in life

A lot of people contact me to say they lack purpose in what they do. I have myself frequently felt a sense of lacking meaning in a chaotic and distracting world. Here are my ideas on how to find a concrete, objective sense of meaning, passion, and purpose again. If you lack direction and focus […]

If you're self-conscious about being SERIOUS or BORING or INTROVERTED

All my life I worried about how I was coming across to people as a serious-faced introvert. These are my ideas on how best to move past that, and own who you are for the better. Thoughts welcome. If you lack direction and focus each day, try out my planner book: ‘Book of Lift’ — […]