If you’ve been struggling, now is the time.

To cast off the heavy shell, and show the world who you are.

To make that dent we’ve all been waiting for.

It is possible. I have seen it. To work on outstanding projects, with exceptional people, for substantial income.

An influential, successful career working for yourself isn’t coming later. We can’t flounder any longer.

It is right now.

And it all starts in the mind.

Now is the time to be the kind of person who views themselves as a professional, not only in the standard of your work but in how you approach life.

This is it.

Now is the time…

To understand why people need what you do. Not just at the surface level, but sincerely. You know the many reasons, and you know that they are red hot.

To start asking for what you want, so that you can have what you want.

To take pride in what you create. Spreading the word about your work because it needs to be known and felt.

To be discerning in who you work with. To work only with people you truly would love to work with. Who are they?

To know how these people can create life- and business-changing results, and to show them exactly how they will get them.

To act like you are discerning, and know that you must be, not just to think it. This means that not all prospects will be the ideal fit for you. You will show that you are not a match for anyone in your interactions with potential clients.

To put clear boundaries around your sacred time and your most vital work. You will no longer allow your need to please others to seep into your most important time.

To get comfortable being uncomfortable in the projects you take on and in how you communicate truth with the people who matter to you.

To serve the people you love over pleasing anyone who will pay.

To make bold proposals.

To master your communication skills, rather than settling for the lie that you will forever be terrible at it.

To fall in love with continual learning, because you have committed to the thrill of mastery now.

To be impeccable with your word, and to encourage others to be true to theirs. To make transparency and authenticity and total honesty your thing. To do what you say you will do.

To stop abusing yourself in the mind. To be your own biggest encourager. To be at peace with who you are.

To own your shit. To finally have the courage to be disliked. To lose your concern for being annoying or pushy. What if you cannot get your value in front of the people who need it?

Better to risk rejection than to withhold what the world needs: your truth…

Delivered with aliveness.


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