I’m falling through wet cloud.

Mist surrounds me, fills my skull; my heavy arms.

Nothing on which to hold, just fear, and the dullness of doubt.

Nothing tactile.

So I distract myself from this chaos. At least someone else’s Netflix story gives me somewhere to go. Holds my hand.

A journey of escape, at least for a while.

But here I am again, falling, watching myself fall.

I find it both sad and comical.

But something glints. A glimmer turns into a beam of light, coagulates into a rough stick of concrete.

I grab it with both hands. Perhaps it’s some writing I read.

I am imbued with a renewed sense of security. A warm feeling.

I ask myself:

Who do I want to serve?

What results can I bring them?

Not product. Not service.


I’m amazed by the power of two simple sentences. But I don’t have long to gawp.

Right away I scribble ideas. Possibilities.

Whose lives could I make better? With whom have I loved to work in the past?

Who can I help more than anyone else?

Maybe it’s people like me. That’s ok. I know myself pretty well.

With what do I want to help those people?

How will I do it?

This is exciting now.

I’m leaving my head. I’m now in someone else’s. Anxieties have drifted.

I’m the leader, no longer the sufferer.

It’s not all about me anymore.


The questions have been answered. I know where I sit. I see the niche the world needs.

I am clear on who to speak to and what to tell them.

I have the secret, and I need to share it.

I know what my business looks like. Not necessarily forever, but for the next phase.

My answers help me commit. Narrow down. I’m no longer looking for the next thing; the back up in case it doesn’t work. No. I know what I want, and I have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to do this.

I see others now no longer as a source of fear but as friends.

My heart lifts, my soul is animated, and I can feel the ground at my feet.


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