Why do we care so much about what others think?

Why does it feel so damn weird to put ourselves out there?

Why does the prospect of being rejected fill us with weird vibes?

Why do we fight so hard to protect our cool, relaxed, totally not boring, happy images?

Because we’re human.

Because we don’t want to be rejected by ‘society.’

Because we want to survive.

Because it’s understandable and normal to try and look and act flawlessly.

The only teenie weenie issue with this is that it makes us miserable.

We can never relax if there is the chance that we will look stupid.

We can never just ‘be ourselves.’

So how the hell can we just relax?

How can we be more ‘authentic?’ (Whatever the heck that means).

How can we be more courageous and face our stupid fears, and just be a success without making everything such a huge deal?

We do this by forgetting ourselves.

Worrying about who were are and what image we project is an issue with our thinking: our minds.

You cannot fix problems of the mind at the level of the mind.

There’s no point ‘trying’ to be yourself.

‘Trying’ is thinking, and thinking will not change your mind – it will only stir it up.

It’s not going to happen until you re-direct your focus away from yourself.

Your biggest addiction isn’t the Internet, sugar, fast food or smoking.

Your biggest obsession is yourself.

How do you quit yourself?

You don’t. You just focus on other things.

What things?

The things that matter.

The people that matter.

Help yourself by helping others.

Improve yourself by improving the lives of others.

Learn by teaching.

Become confident by helping others be confident.

Be yourself by helping others be themselves.

Be happy by making others happy.

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” – Mark Twain

When we make improving ourselves such a big deal, we’ve entered the labyrinth.

To free yourself from this maze, stop, breathe, and commit to making the world better.

Think today about who matters in your life.

Not everyone matters equally.

Not everyone is ready for – nor do they deserve your honesty; your wisdom; your expression. Pandering to those who do not, drain the life from us.

Who is open to your truth?

Who deserves your contribution?

Who is your tribe?

Find them, and improve their lives energetically.

Bring life, love, and value to what matters.

This will bring you more life than you knew was possible.

You will find you.

You will be yourself.

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  1. Hey Alex, Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and insights on all things art and personal journey. Very inspiring with the work you’ve done, keep up the good work, appreciated! And yes “Your biggest obsession is yourself.”

  2. Thank you, brilliant insights … next step … put into action, behave the insight, shed the pattern of needing admiration, adulation. Maybe thats part of being authentic – to not speak for admiration or adulation, to say what we mean and mean what we say, to not sham. Freedom from ‘ourself’ .

  3. Hi Alex, this really hit home with me. I’ve found that my social anxiety is really just me being too self centered to focus on others in social situations which leads to me not being in tune with the situation as I’m so self absorbed. Giving freely of yourself to the ones you care about truly is the way to go

  4. Hi Alex! Very nice article. I was looking around to see what I could find about this topic. I think that learning to forget yourself is definitely part of the journey. Reminds me of flow. I also feel that learning to own your voice, your opinions, and preferences is an important step to forget yourself when you need to. Cheers!

  5. I truly love this post because so many people lose themselves with whatever they have going on in their lives and they forget who they are. Some people tend to reinvent themselves to fit their surroundings or situations and forget who they really are. Thank you so much for posting this!


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