From world-renowned illustrator to a coach (decade working for myself)

Another video podcast, featuring a lot of footage of Tbilisi, in Georgia. Timeline:

1984: Born

1998 – 2003: Boarding school in England

2003 – 2006: Studied Geography

2007-2009: Real estate masters course

2008 – 2009: Work as property magazine researcher in London

2006 onwards: added illustrations to

2009 onwards: started work as freelance illustrator

2009: birth of Ape on Moon blog

2010: birth of Red Lemon Club blog

2012: live in Tokyo and work remotely for Google

2014: start work as a coach

2016 – 2019: live in Bangkok

2019 – live in Georgia, Europe

Stock video footage from Music from

All my other footage shot in Tbilisi, Georgia 2019 on a Sony A73 camera.

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