In December 2018 I added a new header to my blog, and this is the image in full. ProCreate App using gouache pen and pencil. I am enjoying this pencil-heavy exploration of illustration style. You may also like… This is why you’re not lazy How to get past the fact that most people are annoying as shit […]

Art is hard. It often looks easy from the outside. ‘I could have done that,’ says Jane. ‘But you didn’t,’ says Peter. That’s art. A true artist is not born. They are certainly not made overnight. Art is the result of a series of events that came together thanks to a commitment. A decision made […]

isometric city drawing vector trees

‘Plant City,’ August 2017. Ink on vector in Procreate App and Adobe Illustrator with Wacom and Apple Pencil. You may also like… Now, We Turn Back Ten drawings that motivate me to make art How to Stay Fresh by Going on ‘Idea Adventures’ The Cycle of the Getting of Clients

isometric line art city

‘Line City,’ July 2017. Inked in Procreate App, with Apple Pencil. You may also like… 11 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself Right Now How to Become Unstuck in Four Quick Steps Knowing This, Drives Me to Create Harder Using mantras to build powerful mental strength

Series of pool-related drawings. I’ll be adding more here as they are done. No running please. Done in Procreate app with Apple Pencil. You may also like… 10 ways to make life easier, by going big How to Become Unstuck in Four Quick Steps How to sell elephants without saying a word The cure for an anxious, […]