Key to success

This one thing may be the key to success in any area. Alex talks about the need for momentum, the benefits it brings, and how overlooked it is as a concept. What is a challenge you’re facing now? Hit me in the comments. If you lack direction and focus each day, try out my planner […]

Be Persistent

Alex is in a cemetery in Tbilisi, Georgia talking about persistence – why it’s required, and what obstacles to expect on your path. This one is worth watching all the way too. Come enjoy a meditative chat. If you lack direction and focus each day, try out my planner book: ‘Book of Lift’ — […]

High Expectations

It’s hard to do anything when you are worried about the result – you have high expectations of yourself which stop you doing anything. You stall. You get anxious, and you procrastinate on starting. This is the enemy of doing anything, let alone making art. Alex discusses how best to deal with it. If you […]

Authentic Energy

Yes, there are many factors that determine where we get our natural energy from. In this film, I talk about how to change our behavior from within so that we generate real, authentic energy that will keep us going that doesn’t rely on unhealthy stimulants. If you lack direction and focus each day, try out […]

When to quit and when not to quit

I talk about the fine line between quitting and ignoring those things that are out of your control. I’ve always suffered when I have ruminated on things that are out of your control. I have also suffered when I quit things that I should have held fast with. Would love to know your thoughts, both […]

Alex stands among the foundations of an old house in Georgia. He discusses how creative people and anyone who is innovative and creative in their work and life, can infuse more exercise into their day. The stereotypical writer or artist with arse in chair is just that – a stereotype, and we can all live […]

watching videos illustration alex mathers

Putting in hours of work day after day to little response on the Internet is one of the most irrational things a human can do. Yet that is what so many of us do do. Day after day after day. (And it can make you feel like doodoo). Why, Joseph? Are you off your rocker? […]

make money doing what you love alex mathers

What if you aren’t making money doing what you love? Is it even possible to make good money doing what we love? If so, what’s holding you back? From a park bench in Tbilisi, Georgia, Alex Mathers, coach, writer and illustrator, talks about how to make it work by embracing two KEY philosophies. Watch today! […]

a new film every day alex mathers

I’m going to make and upload at least ONE video EVERY DAY this year. Starting on April 22nd, 2019. I will share videos on confidence, marketing, coaching, self-development, human nature and maybe more. My mission is to help you move from stuck and anxious, to alive and succeeding. Some films will be more ‘pro’ highly […]

how to use your phone to grow confident alex mathers

Alex Mathers talks about how smartphones don’t have to be terrible for you. You can, in fact, use them to expand your confidence and self-image rapidly. – If you lack direction and focus each day, try out my planner book: ‘Book of Lift’ — Follow me on Twitter: @iamalexmathers Follow my newsletter and blog: […]