Look around you and you will see your average Joe doing average things. They will receive an average income. Average experiences. Average relationships. The common Henry can provide tremendous power for you, however. They will show you the way to extraordinary. Watch to see how. Want to follow more from this series? Hit subscribe. — […]

earn a living with only your phone alex mathers

The most flexible and lucrative new career? Alex talks about coaching and how it could change your life. Make great money and work anywhere. And all you need is your phone… – If you lack direction and focus each day, try out my planner book: ‘Book of Lift’ — https://bookoflift.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @iamalexmathers […]

One of the best discoveries of my career was professional coaching. When I got hit by a massive, and unexpected tax bill while living in Vietnam in 2014, I was quickly forced to find $10,000 for Her Majesty the Queen (customs) within two weeks. This is no joke. Fortunately, that money came in the form […]