On leading by example, in a complaining world

Just a little sit-down chat and semi-rant – mainly aimed at myself – on leading by example over complaining. I know ‘do-gooder’ chats are not popular, but I wanted to get this out. How, most of all, this attitude will help you and your well-being and mental health, in addition to making an impact on […]

Why you may have lost your creative spark

Today we’re talking being creatively motivated. Feeling that spark we need in order to do good work: to write; to make art; to invent; to attack our tasks with enthusiasm. Here are some things that could be in your way to creativity and prolific output… If you enjoyed this video, please like it, as that […]

A message to those struggling

If you’re going through hell right now, this is my message to you. I’ve been there. Maybe not to the degree of what you are experiencing, and maybe even worse. Either way, you can get through this. Step by step. Hold on to the sliver of what’s good, and decide to turn things around, bit […]

How I landed an illustration job at Google with no qualifications

In my mid-twenties I got a job working with the Mountain View Google Plus team as a digital illustrator. I’m 34 now. This video covers my story between University in London in 2003 and landing the job when I was living in Tokyo in 2012. The film includes plenty of visual references to my artwork […]