How to CALM your anxiety QUICKLY, if you only have 30 minutes

I talk about what you can do, based on lots of personal experience, if you feel nervous or anxious for something coming up quite soon, and you’re running out of TIME! Here are 7 things you can do to greatly lower your nerves and lift your mood and confidence for that interview, or social event, […]

It’s funny how much time and energy and frustration I would have saved in my life had I been braver. Good thing I now know that the quickest route to having an unfair advantage over the seething masses is not in doubling my output or being busier or making more things to share, though these […]

How to explode your small business with 'Courage Marketing'

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, self-employed, you may be suffering because you are taking the path of least resistance in your biz. Instead, Alex is talking about taking courage in areas that others don’t have the balls for, and in doing this, gain a HUGE unfair advantage in the coming years. Watch this for […]

The ONE change that will make the BIGGEST impact on your mental focus

People are stuffing it into their mouths left, right and centre. What am I talking about? What change am I making that is having the greatest impact on my life, my mental health, more than anything else? My productivity is up. My happiness is up and my anxiety down. I am able to do more […]

Befriending the VOID

Becoming comfortable with that uncomfortable place: the VOID. What is it? Why does it hurt? Why should you move towards it? How can you start to enjoy the void? And how will doing this change your life? Watch this, and tell me what you liked and did not like about this short film. Still learning! […]

Turn a bad day into a good day

It’s not always easy to stay motivated and buzzing with good ideas if we have committed to creating consistently. If you’re having a bad day, here’s a good way of thinking about it. Follow my Twitter for daily nuggets of wisdom: @iamalexmathers Buy the filming gear I use: Sony a7iii: and Joby GorillaPod: